The Basics of Online Casino War

Casino War is definitely one of the easiest and simplest games ever developed.

The goal of Casino War is for a player to draw a card higher than that of his opponent. In online casinos, players usually compete with the dealer. If you get a higher card than that of the dealer, you will be awarded with a payout equal to your bet. If both the player and the dealer get an equal valued card, the player may fold and lose half of his bet or “go to war” and double his bet for another draw.

If you decide to “go to war”, you and the dealer will be given four extra cards, one face-up card and three face-down cards. If your face-up card is higher than that of your dealer you will get an amount equal to your secondary bet. If you lose to the Dealer, you will lose all your bets. if you ties again with the dealer, you will be paid a bonus, which is an amount equal to your original bet.

The challenge of Casino War is not that stiff. That does not mean, however, that the game is not as interesting as any other casino game. In fact, it is pretty exciting. You do not need strategies to ditch a Casino War game. You only need a daring heart here. If you are brave enough, “going to war” should never be a problem.

Kidding aside, Casino War is a must-try for those who dig variety. It is nice to stumble upon such a game, especially at a point in time where high stake is almost always the scheme. With this game, you will never win as much as you can in Slots but the fun is definitely there. For most players, that is all that matters.

Online casinos have become very successful through the years. Its allure relies on the fact that it offers the ultimate convenience in gaming without taking any of the fun part. All the aspects of a land-based casino is stuffed in. The game variety, the impressive payouts, the bonuses, and the opportunity to create a social network can be found in countless online casinos available. You sure would not get short of wonderful choices by signing in to any of those sites.

To maximize fun, make sure that you also try other, non-popular casino games on offer. Do not always aim for the gold in Poker or Blackjack or Roulette or Slots. It is always fun to discover new things. By trying Casino War, you will find that even the simplest games can provide the ultimate entertainment.